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About Tailor-Made Training, LLC.

​Tailor-Made Training, LLC. Mission Statement

“To provide quality training and service to fit the needs of the students they serve in the technology, administrative, and customer service industry.”

Our unique approach to learning consists of allowing the student to learn today’s most essential computer programs and office skills at his or her own pace. Our students are encouraged to ask questions until they are comfortable with the material presented and are able to work effectively and independently. We train students on what they need to learn to be successful in their chosen industry.

All students complete hands-on assignments to learn how to create professional documents relative to their particular interest or career path. Each student will create a professional portfolio that can be used on an interview to show- case the skills acquired. Students are given step by step notes for each application to reference when completing assignments. All textbooks are free of charge. At the end of each course, students will be given an assessment and graded according to the Tailor-Made Training, LLC.s pass/fail standards. Students who do not pass the course will not be given a certificate of completion.

Instruction is conducted in a library most convenient to the student so that travel time is kept to a minimum and class time is maximized. Convenient scheduling is also tailored to our student's schedule to fit in with work and family life. Courses can also be conducted over Zoom.us. At Tailor-Made Training, LLC., it’s all about tailoring the training to our students! 

Students are required to fill out the admissions Enrollment Application/Agreement with required information. Once approval for training is secured, the student works with their assigned trainer to work out a training schedule that is convenient to both student and trainer.